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LIHTC Compliance and Training—Supporting Your Success

We bring you LIHTC support exactly the way you want it.
Accurate. Thorough. Reliable. Proven.

It's a new day in LIHTC compliance. Our real-world approach is unlike any other. Having grown up in the Affordable Housing industry and worn all of the hats, we know firsthand the headaches and concerns you face when accepting and processing applications for approval, getting and keeping staff trained in all aspects of compliance, and having the dependable support you need.

Whether you are new to Affordable Housing, a veteran property manager, owner, or investor, Karen A. Graham Consulting is here to make your life easier. Disciplined and experienced, we're in touch with all that's on your plate and ready to lighten your load. With our experienced team and proven approach, we handle the tedious tasks you need done and done well. We act as a partner, not a vendor. Let us get to work on your behalf.

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