100+ LIHTC Program Acronyms

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3PV  Third Party Verification
ADA  Americans with Disabilities Act
AFDC  Aid to Families with Dependent Children (TANF)
AFR  Applicable Federal Rate
AHMA  Affordable Housing Management Association
AMGI / AMI  Area Median Gross Income / Area Median Income
AMO  Accredited Management Organization
A/R  Acquisition / Rehab
ARM  Accredited Resident Manager
ARRA  American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
AUR / NAUR  Available Unit Rule / Next Available Unit Rule
BIN  Building Identification Number
CAM  Certified Apartment Manager
CAMT  Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician
CAPS  Certified Apartment Property Supervisor
CCIM  Certified Commercial Investment Member
CD  Certificate of Deposit
CDBG  Community Development Block Grants
CFR  Code of Federal Regulations
CO  Certificate of Occupancy
CPM  Certified Property Manager
CV  Cash Value
DDA  Difficult to Develop Area
EIV  Enterprise Income Verification
EUA  Extended Use Agreement
FHA  Fair Housing Act of 1988
FMR  Fair Market Rent
FMV  Fair Market Value
FTS  Full Time Student
FT / PT  Full Time or Part Time (Student)
FHEO  HUD Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
HB  House Bill
HCCP  Housing Credit Certified Professional
HDAP  Housing Development Assistance Program
HERA  Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008
HFA / HCA  Housing Finance Agency / Housing Credit Agency
HIC  Household Income Certification (see TIC)
HOME  Home Investment Partnership Program
HQS  Housing Quality Standards
HRITC  Historic Rehabilitation Investment Tax Credit
HTC  Housing Tax Credit (see LIHTC)
HUD  U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
IRA  Individual Retirement Account
IRC  Internal Revenue Code
IREM  Institute of Real Estate Management
IRS  Internal Revenue Service
JTPA  Job Training Partnership Act
LES  Leave and Earnings Statement
LI  Low-Income
LICA  Live In Care Aid / Attendant
LIHTC / LIHC  Low Income Housing (Tax) Credit
LURA  Land Use Restriction Agreement
M/I  Move In
M/O  Move Out
MOR  Management and Occupancy Report
MOU  Memorandum of Understanding
MR  Market Rate
MSA  Metropolitan Statistical Area
MTSP  Multifamily Tax Subsidized Project
MV  Market Value
NAA  National Apartment Association
NAHB  National Association of Home Builders
NAHMA  National Affordable Housing Management Association
NALP  National Apartment Leasing Professional
NAR  National Association of Realtors
NAUR / AUR  Next Available Unit Rule / Available Unit Rule
NCSHA  National Council of State Housing Agencies
NH&RA  National Housing & Rehabilitation Association
NMHC  National Multi-Housing Council
NMTC  New Markets Tax Credit
NOI  Net Operating Income
OT  Over Time
PBCA  Performance Based Contract Administrator
PHA  Public Housing Authority
PIS  Placed In Service
PLR  Private Letter Ruling
PUD  Planned Unit Development
QAP  Qualified Allocation Plan
QCT  Qualified Census Tract
RAM  Registered Apartment Manager
REAC  Real Estate Assessment Center
RD  USDA Rural Development
RHS  Rural Housing Service(see RD)
RR  Revenue Ruling
RUBS  Ratio Utility Billing System
S42  Section 42 of the IRS Code
S8  Section 8
SFA  Student Financial Assistance
SHCM  Specialist in Housing Credit Management
SRO  Single Room Occupancy
SS  Social Security
SSD  Social Security Disability
SSI  Supplemental Security Income
TANF  Temporary Aid to Needy Families
TC  Tax Credit
TCAP  Tax Credit Assistance Program
TCEP  Tax Credit Exchange Program
TIC  Tenant Income Certification
U5kAC  Under $5,000 Asset Certification
UA  Utility Allowance
UPCS  Uniform Physical Condition Standards
USDA  U.S. Department of Agriculture
UVR  Unit Vacancy Rule
WIA  Workforce Investment Act of 1988
YTD  Year To Date


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