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Just getting started

Feel like just a kid in the industry? These sessions will help build a foundation of program policies and procedures to help you on your way to success!

LIHTC Warrior

Been through a few Affordable Housing battles? These sessions are designed for those with several years of experience or are involved with policy implementation.

This Party is For Everyone!

Whether you are just beginning in the industry or have been in the business for 20 years, there is a great takeaway for everyone.

Something Special

Need something special for your job description? These sessions were created for executives, senior staff, and others who may need specialized training in certain areas.

Good for Exam Prep

If you're looking for content that will help with taking the HCCP or SHCM exam, these are the courses for you.



Verifying and Calculating Assets

  • Learn which asset to include & exclude

  • How to verify and calculate

  • Common errors and how to avoid

  • And much, much more


Verifying and Calculating Income

  • Learn which income sources to include & exclude

  • How to verify and calculate

  • Common errors and how to avoid

  • And much, much more


Power Up - Taking and Processing the Application

  • Learn invaluable tips for resident interviews

  • How to take the application and not have return visits from the applicants until move day!

  • Tips to stay organized and on target to meet occupancy goals

  • And much, much more

Household Composition

  • Know who must, and must not, be counted as a member for income purposes

  • Learn the difference between a live in aid and co-head

  • Get tips on handling unique household composition circumstances

  • And much, much more


LIHTC Compliance Impact on Your NOI

  • Understand how compliance impacts your LIHTC property's NOI

  • Learn how to protect the LIHTC while simultaneously maximizing income potential

  • Know what can be charged (and not) and how to best implement rent increases

  • And much, much more

LIHTC Bootcamp for Executives

  • Designed for executive staff members

  • LIHTC without the minutia - "just the facts" you need to know

  • How to successfully oversee and manage LIHTC onsite teams

  • And much, much more

LIHTC Compliance - A Fresh Look

  • LIHTC compliance fundamentals from a new, fresh perspective

  • Understand the whys of what we do to comply

  • Loaded with fun facts, figures, and the most current hot topics

  • And much, much more


LIHTC First Year of the Credit Period

  • Tips for maximizing year 1 credits on a new construction lease up, acquisition/rehab, and resyndication

  • Learn about eligible basis, credits, and qualified basis

  • Set up your resident certification process for success

  • And much, much more


LIHTC Get Organized!

  • Learn how to always be audit ready and to know what they'll be looking for

  • What documents always need to be easily accessible

  • Identify who are the players and why they matter to you

  • And much, much more

LIHTC Acquisition Rehab & Resyndications - Get Ready!

  • Prevent costly errors with acquisition/rehab and resyndication by properly preparing prior to closing

  • Get tips for efficient LIHTC resident certifications

  • Avoid common pitfalls to maximize the owner's tax credits

  • And much, much more


  • Bootcamp covering testable areas for the Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP) Exam


  • Bootcamp covering testable areas for the Specialist in Housing Credit Management (SHCM) Exam

LIHTC Full-Time Student Rule
  • LIHTC Full Time Student Rule definition and exceptions to the rule

  • Insider tips on what to watch out for such as part time students

  • Bonus Tool: Free FT Student Flow chart for easy application of the rules!

  • And much, much more


LIHTC Advanced Compliance Issues and Solutions

  • Understand the foundation of why we do what we do in LIHTC

  • Learn how non-compliance actually impacts your credits

  • Handling sensitive situations like resident fraud

  • And much, much more

LIHTC Top 10 File Errors and How to Avoid Them

  • Identify the top 10 most common file mistakes

  • Share the latest trends for your state agency and syndicator audit findings

  • How to have top-notch files to avoid costly non-compliance

  • And much, much more

LIHTC Managing the Certification Process

  • Are you doing too much? Not enough? Tired of file write ups?

  • Learn ways to breeze through the application and recertification process

  • Detailed tips and tricks for a more efficient process resulting in faster move ins and timely recerts

  • And much, much more

LIHTC Preparing for an Audit

  • Comprehensive review of preparing for an LIHTC audit

  • Using a timeline, we'll spell out how to procure the best audit outcome

  • What NOT to do before, during, and after the audit

  • And much, much more

LIHTC Average Income Set Aside

  • Details on complying with the newest minimum set aside election

  • Preparing for the first year on Average Income lease up projects

  • Understanding the importance of HFA specific policies

  • And much, much more

LIHTC - Taking Over Management of Property

  • Know how to to start off on the right foot when taking over a LIHTC property

  • Learn what questions must be answered, and what document are required, for a smooth transition

  • See how to involve the major players of the management change

  • And much, much more

LIHTC Fundamentals - Full Day

  • LIHTC fundamentals from A - Z

  • Jam packed with everything you need to know about LIHTC compliance

  • Take a journey from application to verification to certification of residents

  • And much, much more


LIHTC Advanced - Half Day

  • Designed for advanced learners, understand exactly how credits are determined and how much non-compliance costs

  • Chock full of advanced topics such as employee units, allowable optional fees, types of allocation, eligible basis, qualified basis, and applicable fraction

  • Nail your first year credit delivery

  • And much, much more



Created Exclusively For Our My Compliance Support Clients


My Compliance Support Onboarding

  • Demonstrations on how to quickly and easily submit files

  • Checking on the status of a file & pull reports

  • Communicating with your auditor

  • And much, much more

My Compliance Support - File Approval Tips and Hot Topics

  • Detailed discussion on getting your files approved on the first look!

  • Learn about hottest topics in the affordable housing industry

  • Solutions to the most common errors and how to apply them to your day to day compliance practices

  • And much, much more

My Compliance Support - In-Depth Policies and Forms Review

  • How to take an application and get it right from the start!

  • Staying organized to quickly process files for approval

  • In depth look and examples of the most used income and asset verifications, certifications, and calculation forms

  • And much, much more