LIHTC Compliance On Your Mind?

Let’s resolve those concerns of yours.

LIHTC compliance is burdensome.  But non-compliance puts you, your firm, and your bottom line at huge risk.  It’s time you had the “less stress, more peace of mind” solutions, strategies and reassurance that we bring to the table.

If some or all of the following concerns are on your mind, you’re not alone. 

  • The the fear of losing tax credits is a real worry.
  • You’re not sure your site staff is up to speed with current best practices regarding how to accept and process new applications or how to re-certify your existing residents.
  • You’re worried you won’t pass an audit - you suspect tenant files are incomplete and not being maintained according to regulations.
  • You wonder if staff turnover is making your organization vulnerable to inaccurate and inconsistent practices. 
  • Your staff runs the gamut from seasoned employees to inexperienced new hires, which makes ensuring they get the knowledge they need an ongoing challenge.
  • Your bottlenecked file approval process is causing delayed move-ins and hurting your bottom line.

 We're here to help!