Our fresh approach gets your staff fully trained in LIHTC compliance. And dare we say… we make it fun!

"Karen is very easy to understand.  I never get sleepy or disinterested."

"Excellent knowledge and simple explanation of all topics."

"Great trainer.  I always leave with something new."

42U Live!: LIHTC Training In-Person

Experience firsthand the positive, comfortable, high-energy learning atmosphere that defines the delivery of comprehensive LIHTC information by Karen Graham.  Her presentation style, teaching methods and stories shared from her own years on the other side of the podium make her the authentic and enjoyable instructor who captures and holds people’s attention.  You’ll leave with the knowledge you need and the confidence to apply it.  Click here to see our upcoming training sessions.

42U Online: Offered exclusively through Grace Hill 

42U Online –– Welcome to the 42U LIHTC Online Learning Center, the most effective online learning solution for LIHTC Compliance.  Thanks to our partnership with Grace Hill, you can enjoy unlimited access to our extensive online, on demand compliance training.  You can also use 42U Online as an ongoing reference guide and resource center.  Log in from the office, home, or on the go.  Click here to learn more about Grace Hill and 42U online.

42U Forms, Worksheets & Resources:

  • Many free 42U sample forms, worksheets and resources at your fingertips.  

Pre-employment Quiz:

  • Simple 25 question pre-employment and new hire quiz for assessing LIHTC knowledge.
  • Set your team members up for success by identifying areas of strength and areas where more 42U training is needed.  

Certificates of Completion:

  • Certificates are provided for all 42U courses.  
  • Track learning progress & continuing education requirements.

Course Catalog:

  • Click here to download a copy of the 42U Course Catalog.

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