Message to Karen A Graham Consulting, LLC Clients about COVID-19

As we diligently monitor the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19), our hearts and prayers continue to go out to all those affected. We want to ensure our clients that Karen A Graham Consulting, LLC's structure is one that has prepared us for such challenges. KAGC clients can expect uninterrupted services.

Our remote team already works efficiently and securely from anywhere, and you will continue to receive the same responsive service that you have come to expect. Questions? Feel free to contact Karen or Stacy Day directly.

If your company has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and you are in need of compliance (or other) assistance, please contact Karen. We are ready to help in any way we can.


Stacy Day Joins KAGC as VP Operations and Innovation

Karen A. Graham Consulting is proud to announce that Stacy Day, HCCP, has joined our team as the VP of Operations and Innovation.


In our first article, we discussed that counterfeit pay stubs have become a real struggle for some property managers. Others do not even realize they are blindly accepting that a pay stub is real. We cannot be expected to analyze every number and letter on every pay stub; however, we can take steps to weed out the fakes.


Many managers rely on pay stubs to verify employment for their applicants, and some HFA’s even require it. So we are using stubs to verify employment more than ever before. Savvy housing providers, however, are finding as many as 20% of pay stubs presented are counterfeit. This has become real struggle for some property managers while others do not even realize it is happening.

Karen A. Graham Consulting, LLC, Announces Partnership With Edge2Learn

Karen A. Graham Consulting, LLC, announced today a new partnership to develop Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) training content for Edge2Learn, an eLearning company specializing in the property management industry.